Wisconsin Hockey Officials Association

State Play-off & State Tournament Officials

Below is a link to WAHA/WHOA State Play-off & State Tournament qualified officials:


Pursuant to WAHA policy, only officials found on this list are eligible to officiate play-off games leading to state tournaments and state tournament games. Please secure officials for play-off games and state tournament games today!

Education Corner (Updated 1/17/20)

We are now in the busiest part of our season, which means you will have a game report under rule 411, a game misconduct, or a match penalty. Here are some hints for filling out game reports:


·  Use the Wisconsin reporting system: https://secure.offserv.com/whoa/members/

·  Do not, under any circumstances, file a report using the USA Hockey system

·  All game reports must be filed within 24 hours of the incident (per WAHA policy)

·  All officials working the game MUST be listed

·  Include only the facts, no opinions please

WHOA and USA Hockey Officiating Registration Now Open For 2019

WHOA and USA Hockey Officiating registration for the 2019-20 season are now open. If you have questions about either process, contact WHOA at education@wihoa.org or 218-349-0327. Our seminar schedule can be found by clicking here.

USA Hockey & WHOA Registration

The official’s registration process consists of two to four steps based on your age as of
August 1, 2019:

1. Register with USA Hockey
2. Complete a Background Screen (if required)
3. Select a WHOA Officiating seminar
4. Complete SafeSport training (Ages 17 or older-USA Hockey will e-mail you if applicable)

General registration questions should be directed to your WHOA Region Director through e-mail. Questions regarding registration account issues, name changes, duplicate seminar registrations, etc. should be directed to Duffy Dyer (WHOA Education Coordinator). A detailed trouble-shooting guide can be found by clicking Trouble Shooting Guide.

Background Screening

All officials who are 18 years old as of August 1, 2019, are required to have a background screening done through WHOA every two seasons per USA Hockey SafeSport Policy. If your screen was done during the 2017-18 season, you must be re-screened this season. If an official does not have a current screen, he/she is ineligible officiate any USA Hockey games.

The WHOA has partnered with WAHA’s screening vendor, Protect Youth Sports, with the goal of providing timely and accurate service for officials and administrators. Effective immediately, Verified Volunteers is now replaced with
Protect Youth Sports.

We have created instructions for navigating their website.

You can also view your screening date in the WHOA Screening Database.

Please feel free to view the Background Screening Policy.


Are you still trying to recruit new officials for your association this season? USA Hockey has created two different recruitment brochures. One for Men and another for Women. Please feel free to share these on your bulletin boards, at registration nights or on social media

USA Hockey Playing Rule Change Summaries

The up-to-date rules summary and other pertinent information that will go into the Playing Rules Book is listed below.

*NEW* USA Hockey has published some rule clarifications in this FAQ Memo on the 2017-21 Playing Rule.

Playing Rule Comparison

USA Hockey has published the 2019-20 USAH-NCAA-NFHS Rules Comparison https://www.usahockey.com/rulesandresources chart. This document lists the differences between all three rule bases.