Wisconsin Hockey Officials Association

State Tournament Officials

Below is a link to WAHA/WHOA State Tournament qualified officials:


Pursuant to WAHA policy, only officials found on this list are eligible to officiate state tournament games. State tournament weekends are busy weekends for a variety of reasons. In addition, WAHA/WHOA place limits on the number of games an official can work. WHOA Region Directors will be contacting host sites with officiating requirements in the near future. Please secure State Tournament officials today!

Central District Officials Camp Cancelled

I am sending this note to you with feelings of sadness. USA Hockey has canceled several summer development camps due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the compressed timeline. As a result, the Central District Camp in Ames, IA has also been canceled. Because of the timeline, player tryouts would have to happen very soon. Since tryouts involve large groups of people in close proximity, the Central District and USA Hockey feel it is not safe to hold tryouts. While we know this is difficult to read and heartbreaking to experience for players and officials who wanted to participate, we also understand that these decisions have been made with the best of intentions to keep everyone safe, and in compliance with CDC and WHO guidelines. Please stay well, and thank you for understanding!



Sjoukje Brown
Central District Referee-in-Chief

WHOA and USA Hockey Officiating Registration Now Open For 2019

WHOA and USA Hockey Officiating registration for the 2019-20 season are now open. If you have questions about either process, contact WHOA at education@wihoa.org or 218-349-0327. Our seminar schedule can be found by clicking here.

USA Hockey & WHOA Registration is closed for 2019-20!

Below is a general summary of the process for informational purposes only. This section will be updated when registration re-opens.

1. Register with USA Hockey
2. Select a WHOA Officiating seminar
3. Complete SafeSport training (Ages 17 or older-USA Hockey will e-mail you if applicable)

General registration questions should be directed to your WHOA Region Director through e-mail. Questions regarding registration account issues, name changes, duplicate seminar registrations, etc. should be directed to Duffy Dyer (WHOA Education Coordinator). A detailed trouble-shooting guide can be found by clicking Trouble Shooting Guide.


Are you still trying to recruit new officials for your association this season? USA Hockey has created two different recruitment brochures. One for Men and another for Women. Please feel free to share these on your bulletin boards, at registration nights or on social media

USA Hockey Playing Rule Change Summaries

The up-to-date rules summary and other pertinent information that will go into the Playing Rules Book is listed below.

*NEW* USA Hockey has published some rule clarifications in this FAQ Memo on the 2017-21 Playing Rule.

Playing Rule Comparison

USA Hockey has published the 2019-20 USAH-NCAA-NFHS Rules Comparison https://www.usahockey.com/rulesandresources chart. This document lists the differences between all three rule bases.