Wisconsin Hockey Officials Association

2016-17 USA & WHOA Registration

WHOA Seminar Registration and USA Hockey Registration are still open for the 2016-17 season. Both steps are required to officiate in Wisconsin. Specific information for all seminars is available on the Seminar schedule. This includes locations, schedules and any other important information.

New to officiating? Check out our Complete Registration Overview.

Already attended your seminar? Check your Registration Status through USA Hockey.

Those officials who are 18 and older will need to ensure their Background Screening is up to date or completed prior to registration. See below for more information on Background Screening.

If you have any questions in regards to registration please contact your WHOA Director.


Are you still trying to recruit new officials for your association this season? USA Hockey has created two different recruitment brochures. One for Men and another for Women. Please feel free to share these on your bulletin boards, at registration nights or on social media

Background Screening

All officials who were at least 18 years old are required to have a background screening done through WHOA. If an official does not have a current screen, he/she may not officiate any USA Hockey games in the state of Wisconsin. You will also not be permitted to register for a seminar if your screening is not complete and results processed by WHOA.

The WHOA has partnered with WAHA’s screening vendor, Protect Youth Sports, with the goal of providing timely and accurate service for officials and administrators. Effective immediately, Verified Volunteers is now replaced with Protect Youth Sports.

We have created instructions for navigating their website.

You can also view your screening date in the WHOA Screening Database.

Please feel free to view the Background Screening Policy.

WAHA Development Conference

At the WAHA Annual Meeting, WHOA gave a presentation pertaining to the recruitment, retention, continued education and assignment of officials.